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Advinion Professional Chart™ can display any type of instrument, like FOREX currencies, Futures contracts, commodities and Stocks.

Use the "Majors" menu to quick access the most traded instruments.

Access the rest of the instruments via the "Instruments Browser" form ("Instruments > More Instruments" menu)

Instruments Browser

Use the "Instruments Browser" form to find your required instruments.

This form offers textual-search filtering by type of Market and instruments name..

Time Scale

View each instrument in a different time-scales using the "Time Scale" menu.

Find the common Intraday periods like 1, 5, 10,1 5 and 30 minutes. 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours among them.

Select among day, week and month periods.

Control which Time-Scales will appear in the Menu and In The toolbar via a dedicated API function.

Chart Type

The "Chart Type" menu proposes the choice of the available price display types, such as:
Japanese Candlesticks
OHLC (open, high, low and close)
• Close value based line
• Close value based area.

The initial Chart-Type is defined via a dedicated API function.


Use the "View" menu to access the several settings, such as tooltip enabling, crosshair display, magnet crosshair to price , and "number of bars" selection form.

Access more settings, like price colors and time-zone definition via the "settings" form ("View > Settings" menu).


Beginners can use the build-in studies given in the "Studies" menu.

Advance users can use the "Studies Manager" form ("Studies > System Manager" menu).

Use this form to plot dynamic studies on top of each Chart's panel, and even mix several studies on top of a single panel, such as "RSI on Price".

Select studies from a vast list, and then edit their parameters, such as periods, colors and display styles.