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What clients are saying

Thanks for the very good chart. I want to see my study when I'm opening the chart next day. How do I save the study ?
March 10, 2013 J.
Your free charts have literally taught me how to trade. Without your charts I could not figure out candlesticks and price action. After three years of study, I understand how to trade silver and crude oil. I owe you a debt of gratitude. By the way, I would have gladly paid a small monthly fee to use your charts.
May 11, 2013 W.
i like your chart verymuch
March 02, 2013 S.
Hello, Thank you for designing these useful charts. I have a suggestion. It would be great if we can move the chart to the future at the time axis
February 21, 2013 C.
I am an amateur trader and I love using your software further share prices
February 19, 2013 M.
Thank-you for providing some great charts
February 01, 2013 N.S.
very good your service
December 31, 2012 S.
Keep on with the good work.
December 28, 2012 T.
it is very good and it is useful
December 13, 2012 J.
Hi, Thank you for providing valuable charting tools
December 08, 2012 P.
I hope that you will be fine.i am using your interactive chart through forexpros .which is extremely benificial for any trader.because every thing
November 20, 2012 G.
Your graph is excellent but for better trade results it must be extended to weekly and monthly charts as well
November 18, 2012 M.
I like your graphs.
November 18, 2012 M.
I appreciate for currency technical chart.Its easy to understand.Thanks lot
November 13, 2012 A.
I want to say thanks for this great charting software for stocks and currencies. I understand how to use the Fibonacci retracement..
November 13, 2012 J.
hi, i like your chart
November 08, 2012 M.
I wish to say how much I have appreciated your excellent charts for forex trading. I trade the audusd regularly and have found them the best
July 27, 2012 Jm.

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Different features of our system, which is to provide

Get the best tools for your site

The Chart is ideal for open web sites and ensures an efficient and reliable solution. The flash chart is simply a must if you wish to attract and keep users on your web site. The chart can of course display any type of financial instrument including your own data.

Quick implementation

Advinion Professional Chartâ„¢ allows developers to introduce powerfull financial charts onto their web applications quickly and easily.

Powerfull Backend

The Chart backend enables connection to any market data with its respective instruments including your existing data sources

Technical Analysis

The on-growing variety of financial studies and drawings enables both simple and advance users to perform Technical Analysis on any financial security. The synergy of Technical Analysis and personalized user's work information will help traders and analysts to become part of your site community. Shared Technical Analysis will enable you to provide professional-advisor services for your visitors.