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Integration / Embedding

Embedding of Advinion Professional Chart™ inside your website is as simple as using a few lines of simple JavaScript functions call.

All of them are well documented with prototypes and examples.

Data Feed Hosting

We provide you freedom to choose where to host Advinion Professional Chart™ visual-components and data.

For the sake of high-availability you can let us fully host the solution on our shared or dedicated servers.

Components Hosting

If you wish that Advinion will host your data and want to make sure the Chart component loads in synchronization with your site you can host the visual-components on your web-servers.

No installation is required and the package is not limited to a specific Operating-System or Web-Server.


Advinion Professional Chart™ goes together with a set of JavaScript API functions to enable customization of the component’s functionality and image.
It handles UI and drawing colors and styles, data source and requests settings, user and user data handling (such as studies templates), enable trade-from-chart and more.

Contact us to receive the latest API documents.


The Chart receives its data via a set of Web-Service functions based on a predefined format.
By implementing these functions you can provide the data from your servers.

The key benefits are:
1) Unlimited number concurrent users and quotations..
2) No data redundancy, which means less errors, no time delay with the rest of your system and no double data fees.

Push and Events

When you decide to host the data and visual-components on your servers you can "push" the data into the Chart via a set of easy-to-use, clear and intuitive JavaScript API functions.
Each User action is translated automatically to an Event, which is a simple callback to your site's code – it can recognize and act upon in order to supply data or activity based on the user's selection.


Advinion Professional Chart™ User-Interface is multilingual and supports unlimited number of languages.

The hosting site provides the language ID each time the Chart loads to set the Chart Menus, buttons and all other textual components to display text in the selected language.

Additional languages are easily available by editing a simple external textual file.